I love working with people and finding the character. If you want a portrait of you or someone you know, then send me a picture and a short story about the person. I also do live portraits.


"If you can dream it you can do it! The law of attraction says, that you get back the feeling and wishes you emit. It sounds almost to easy to be true, but maybe it is not so hard to believe? You try....
The theory is, that you work as a TV-tower, and both sends and receives. If you send a positive picture of you receiving the things you want, then the Universe will send back the things you asked for. The more you believe that you get what you want - the stronger the response from the universe will be. That is why visualization can help. Whether it is your dream body, the car of your dreams or the love of your life - if you can visualize what you want and start being grateful as if you already had what you wanted - then the Universe will respond by sending it to you.
The universe does not know time - so its only your imagination, setting the limits for how fast you can get the thing or situation you want.
I will help you visualize your dream, by painting a portrait of you with the thing you want or in the situation you want to be in. That way you can look at the painting every day, to remind you to be grateful that you will get the thing you want.
Contact me - I would love to help you make your dreams come true.