The artist


My paintings are very personal and often reflects my feelings and experiences. I strive in my life towards balance and control, in sharp contrast to my impatient and impulsive nature that hungers for intensity, challenges, and the forced release of control. I work with powerful symbols like angels and demons and is fascinated by the contrast between the dark and bright sites of human nature. My paintings vary significantly in relation to my mood. When I throw myself into a feeling, I indulge myself 100% to it. I'm uncompromising and I love the struggle to reach the climax without planning, but by pure improvision and intuition. This gives scraped knees and bruises, as my paintings often express - but..... rather pain than indifference!

I am 38 and my background is an independent business owner, building a media company from scratch, while beeing a single mother for 3 amazing children. My life has made me strong and provided me with a wide range of skills and a high degree of control. When i indulge myself in painting,a snapshot of feelings indside is freed. I often start to paint without a plan and without realizing what I have inside, and what will appear on the canvas. Acrylic coulour as a medium is merciful in respect to my restless manner of painting. I am a very action oriented and impulsive person. I see myself as an adventurerer and believe that "if you can dream it - you can do it". The paintings is my safety valve and way to contact, process and cultivate the intricate thoughts and wild emotions.

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